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Orr v. Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corp. No. 1056 (Damages, Legal profession, Professional responsibility, Real property law, Tort law; Ont. C.A.; December 2, 2014) -- Condominium corporation owed purchaser a duty of care in the preparation of the estoppel certificate and there were no policy considerations negating such a duty.

L'Écuyer c. Quebec (Attorney General) (Civil liability, damages; QCCS; December 4, 2014) -- Action against Attorney General of Quebec for damages caused during assault committed by third party on probation allowed in part. -- La poursuite déposée contre le Procureur général du Québec pour des préjudices subis lors d'une attaque commise par un tiers alors qu'il était en probation est accueillie en partie.

Droit de la famille - 143017 (Droit de la famille, droit international privé; QCCA; 2 décembre 2014) -- La Cour supérieure du Québec a erré en s'appuyant sur l'art. 3140 C.c.Q. pour s'accorder un statut de for de convenance alors que les tribunaux de la Colombie-Britannique avaient compétence sur la question de la garde de l'enfant. -- Quebec Superior Court erred in invoking art. 3140 of the Civil Code to secure jurisdiction on the issue of the child's custody while British Columbia courts had jurisdiction.

R. v. Del Mastro (Government law; Ont. C.J.; October 31, 2014) -- Candidate and Official Agent convicted of offences under Canada Elections Act related to exceeding allowable campaign spending limits.

Brown v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law, Civil litigation, Family law; Ont. Div. Ct.; December 2, 2014) -- Class action for damages for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty based on Canada's delegation of administration of child welfare services to Ontario in respect of Aboriginal persons between 1965 and 1984 resulting in loss of cultural identity may proceed.

R. c. Turcotte (Droit criminel; QCCA; 3 décembre 2014)   -- Les articles de journaux portant sur la mise en liberté de Turcotte ne peuvent être utilisés pour établir une éventuelle perte de confiance du public dans l'administration de la justice. -- Newspaper articles concerning Turcotte's release could not be used to address the criteria of public confidence in the administration of justice.

First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun v. Yukon (Aboriginal law, Environmental law, Government law; Yukon S.C.; December 2, 2014) -- Government's approach usurped Watershed Planning Commission's role in process and introduced new substantive modifications that were neither consulted upon nor put to Commission for consideration.

Paquette (Litigation guardian of) v. Surrey School District No. 36 (Education law, Tort law; B.C.C.A.; November 14, 2014) -- It was open for the trial judge to find that the defendant failed to discharge its obligations under the Occupiers Liability Act in failing to deal with the evident risk posed by the cherry tree.

Tanudjaja v. Canada (Attorney General) (Constitutional law, Government law; Ont. C.A.; December 1, 2014) -- Judicial supervision of assessing whether housing policy was adequate or whether sufficient priority was given to the needs of the homeless was beyond the limits of the Court's institutional capacity.

Clarke v. Syncrude Canada Ltd. (Employment law; Alta. C.A.; November 4, 2014) -- Given the egregious nature of the behaviour, the appellant's leadership position, the respondent's clear and unequivocal policies prohibiting harassment of any sort and the adverse impact it had on a key business relationship, summary dismissal was justified.

Boogaard v. Canada (Attorney General) (Administrative law; F.C.; November 21, 2014) -- RCMP commissioner' decision to deny staff sergeant's promotion to commissioned rank based on 2000 incident overruled.

R. v. Bourque (Criminal law; NBQB; October 31, 2014)   -- Bourque sentenced to life imprisonment without eligibility for parole for 75 years for fatal shooting of RCMP officers.

R. v. Boutilier (Constitutional law, Criminal law; B.C.S.C.; November 21, 2014) -- Absence of discretion to consider individual offender's treatment prospects at dangerous offender designation stage was overbroad and breached s. 7 of Charter but further submissions requested with respect to whether breach was justifiable under s. 1 and appropriate remedy.

Perras c. Morin (Droit scolaire, responsabilité civile; QCCS; 12 novembre 2014) -- Des parents sont condamnés à des dommages de 10 000 $ pour le harcèlement et la diffamation du directeur de l'école fréquentée par leur fils. -- Parents ordered to pay $10,000 damages for harassment and defamation against their son's former school principal.

R. v. Haevischer (Criminal law; B.C.S.C.; November 19, 2014) -- Seriousness of offences involving execution-style murders carried out in public in context of gang dispute, outweighed abuses and meant stay would be disproportionate remedy.

R. v. Sona (Criminal law, Government law; Ont. C.J.; November 19, 2014) -- Accused sentenced to nine months' imprisonment and 12 months' probation for his role in robocalls scheme.

Desmarais (Succession de) (Procédure civile, contrats et obligations; QCCS; 11 novembre 2014) La réclamation de 100 millions $ de Louis Desmarais contre la succession de son frère ne peut être rejetée au stade préliminaire. -- The $100M claim by Louis Desmarais against his brother's estate cannot be dismissed at a preliminary stage.

R. v. Donnelly (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; November 6, 2014) -- Exceptional case justified departure from minimum sentence of one year's imprisonment for child pornography and imposition of 21 months' conditional sentence.

Hamilton Health Sciences Corp. v. D.H. (Aboriginal law, Family law, Health law; Ont. C.J.; November 14, 2014) -- Child could not be found in need of protection when her mother, as her substitute decision-maker, chose to exercise her constitutionally protected right to pursue their traditional medicine over the applicant's preferred course of treatment of chemotherapy.

Ernst v. EnCana Corp. (Civil litigation, Environmental law, Government law, Natural resources law, Tort law; Alta. Q.B.; November 7, 2014) -- Plaintiff's claim against Province for negligence in investigating well water and aquifer contamination by chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing allowed to proceed.

Stilwell v. World Kitchen Inc. (Civil litigation, Damages, Tort law; O.N.C.A.; November 4, 2014) -- Evidence supported conclusion that consumer and his common law wife would not likely have purchased the pot had it been labeled with risks associated with impact and deep scratches.

R. v. Ortega (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; November 6, 2014) -- Given teller's evidence that she felt sorry for accused and never feared for her safety, it was not possible to find theft was facilitated by implied threat accompanied by reasonable apprehension of harm.

British Columbia (Director of Civil Forfeiture) v. Robinson (Criminal law; B.C.S.C.; November 5, 2014) -- Director's zealous measures were outside of the proper bounds of its statutory authority and deprived a citizen of lawful possession and use of her property.

Wong v. Globe & Mail Inc. (Labour arbitration; Ont. Div. Ct.; November 3, 2014) -- Arbitrator's order to repay lump-sum settlement upon finding that applicant breached confidentiality provision of the MOA was correct and reasonable.

Khadr v. Canada (Civil litigation, Government law, Tort law; F.C.; November 4, 2014) -- Amendment to pleadings to add claim for $20m in damages for negligent investigation, conspiracy, and misfeasance in public office allowed.

Lacroix (Syndic de) (Faillite et insolvabilité; QCCA; 31 octobre 2014) -- Le paiement de 500 000 $ fait en 2003 par Lacroix pour le rachat d'actions de Norbourg est inopposable au syndic. -- Lacroix's $500,000 payment for the redemption of Norbourg shares in 2003 was void as against his trustee.

R. v. Louie (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; October 24, 2014) -- New trial ordered where court was unable to determine how much of an impact the prior consistent statement had on trial judge's assessment of complainant's credibility.

Pia Grillo c. Google inc. (Responsabilité civile, droits et libertés, technologies de l'information; QCCQ; 3 octobre 2014) -- Grillo recevra des dommages de 2 250 $ à la suite de la publication sur Google Maps d'une photo inconvenante. -- Grillo awarded damages of $2,250 after a suggestive photo of her appeared on Google Maps.

R. v. Ahmed (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; October 23, 2014) -- Offender sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for conspiring to facilitate terrorism and participating in terrorist group activities.

Girard (Syndic de) (Droit fiscal, faillite et insolvabilité; QCCA; 21 octobre 2014) -- L'ARC doit obtenir le consentement de la cour conformément à l'art. 69.4 L.F.I avant d'émettre son avis de cotisation au débiteur. -- Canada Revenue Agency was required to apply to the court pursuant to s. 69.4 B.I.A. before issuing a notice of assessment to the debtor.

Richardson v. Hunter (Civil litigation, Information technology, Tort law; B.C.S.C.; September 12, 2014) -- Injunction granted restraining defendant from making statements alleging criminal conduct by plaintiff in his online blog.

Kanavaros c. Artinian (Responsabilité civile, dommages; QCCS; 14 octobre 2014) -- Une ancienne enseignante victime de diffamation pourra recevoir des dommages pour perte de salaire jusqu'à la fin de sa vie active et des dommages non pécuniaires totalisant plus d'un millions $. -- Former teacher awarded damages for loss of earning capacity and non pecuniary loss totaling over $1M for defamation.

West Toronto United Football Club v. Ontario Soccer Assn. (Administrative law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; October 8, 2014) -- U16 boys' soccer match decision restored by Court with direction to replay Cup final or otherwise declare applicant Football Club as winner.

R. v. Haevischer (Criminal law; B.C.S.C.; October 2, 2014) -- Two accused convicted of six counts of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in execution-style slaying.

R. v. Chun (Criminal law; QCCQ; September 15, 2014)   -- A married couple was found guilty of laundering considerable amounts of money through their currency exchange businesses. -- Un couple marié est trouvé coupable du blanchiment d'importantes sommes d'argent par l'entremise de leurs bureaux de change.

Toronto District School Board v. Toronto (City) (Education law, Municipal law; Ont. Div. Ct.; September 30, 2014) -- Proposed use of the sports facility was for private recreational activities and not solely or as accessory use for teaching or instructional purpose.

Centre québécois du droit de l'environnement c. Oléoduc Énergie Est ltée (Droit de l'environnement, procédure civile; QCCS; 23 septembre 2014) -- Suspension ordonnée des études géotechniques de Oléoduc Énergie Est et de TransCanada Pipelines dans le Saint-Laurent jusqu'au 15 octobre pour protéger les bélugas. -- Energy East and TransCanada Pipelines' geotechnical surveys in the St. Lawrence River are suspended until October 15th to protect beluga whales.

R. c. Dupuis (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 26 septembre 2014)   -- L'ancien directeur général de la FTQ-Construction est reconnu coupable de fraude envers le syndicat et de fabrication de faux. -- FTQ-Construction's former chief executive director was found guilty of forgery and defrauding the union.

R. v. Levkovic (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; September 23, 2014) -- Conviction could not be entered where evidence did not exclude reasonable possibility accused embarked on self-induced abortion that caused injury and death prior to expulsion of fetus.

Songhees Nation v. British Columbia (Aboriginal law; B.C.S.C.; September 23, 2014) -- Tsilhqot'in decision did not create a new rule compelling negotiation of all aboriginal litigation.

R. v. Peekeekoot (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; September 23, 2014) -- Trial judge made no error in finding the appellant was not motivated to change and that there was consequently little prospect for managing his risk in the community.

George v. Newfoundland and Labrador (Tort law; Nfld. S.C.; September 19, 2014) -- Province not liable for injuries and loss of life caused by moose and vehicle collisions.

Droit de la famille - 142272 (Droit de la famille; QCCS; 15 septembre 2014) -- La Cour rejette la requête du père pour obtenir la garde de son fils de 13 ans, confié au grand-père depuis 2002. -- The father's application for custody of his 13-year-old son, who was in the grand-father's care since 2002, was dismissed.

R. v. Sher (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; August 19, 2014) -- Accused acquitted of engaging in conspiracy to facilitate terrorism.

R. v. Watts (Government law; Court Martial Appeal Court; September 18, 2014) -- Appeal by Lieutenant Watts from convictions for unlawfully causing bodily harm and negligent performance of duty by way of general court martial allowed.

R. v. Worm (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; September 15, 2014) -- Convictions and sentences in shooting death during home invasion upheld.

Latimer v. Canada (Attorney General) (Criminal law; F.C.; September 16, 2014) -- There was no discernable basis to find that the elimination of the applicant's reporting requirements for international travel would present any real risk to public safety.

Turcotte c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCS; 12 septembre 2014) -- Turcotte est remis en liberté conditionnelle en attendant son second procès pour meurtres. -- Turcotte was granted conditional release pending his second murder trial.

R. v. Moazami (Criminal law; B.C.S.C.; September 15, 2014) -- Accused convicted of 30 of 36 counts related to juvenile prostitution and human trafficking.

R. v. Dyck (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; September 12, 2014) -- No other Court of Appeal had imposed or sustained a sentence of nine years for aggravated sexual assault in similar circumstances.

Ernst v. EnCana Corp. (Civil litigation, Natural resources law, Tort law; Alta. C.A.; September 15, 2014) -- Sound policy, legal and factual reasons existed for finding Board did not owe private law duty of care to plaintiff.

R. v. De Jaeger (Criminal law; Nun. Ct. of Justice; August 12, 2014) -- Accused, a former priest in Nunavut, convicted of 24 of 70 historic sexual offences against Inuit complainants.

Galeries de la Capitale Holding inc. c. Québec (Ville de) (Droit municipal, droit fiscal; QCCS; 28 août 2014) -- La mesure "Robin des Bois" visant les propriétaires non résidentiels de la Ville de Québec est déclarée non applicable à Galeries de la Capitale Holding inc. -- Québec City's "Robin Hood" measure targeting non-residential property owners is inapplicable to Galeries de la Capitale Holding inc.

R. v. Safarzadeh-Markhali (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; September 10, 2014) -- Portions of Criminal Code s. 719(3.1), denying enhanced credit for time served to accused detained by way of endorsement of prior record, struck as unconstitutional.

Bro v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) (Criminal law, Transportation law; B.C.S.C.; September 8, 2014) -- Amendments to provisions providing drivers with right to two ASD tests and enhancing Superintendent's review powers adequately addressed problems with rights of drivers to protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

R. v. Batty (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; September 5, 2014) -- Trial judge and summary conviction appeal judge erred in concluding that firing shot in rural environment, regardless of manner, necessarily amounted to marked departure from conduct of reasonable person.

R. c. Pontbriand (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 29 août 2014)   -- Pontbriand, une ancienne enseignante, est condamnée à 20 mois d'emprisonnement pour l'agression sexuelles d'un de ses élèves. -- Former teacher Pontbriand was sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment for sexually assaulting one of her students.

Teskey v. Canada (Attorney General) (Constitutional law; Ont. C.A.; August 22, 2014) -- Rules of succession were part of fabric of constitution and could not be trumped or amended by Charter.

Huruglica v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (Administrative law, Immigration law; F.C.; August 22, 2014) -- RAD should have applied correctness standard to RPD's decision and reviewed all aspects of RPD's decision to independently assess whether applicants met definition of Convention refugees or persons in need of protection.

Strand Theatre Ltd. v. Prince Albert (City) (Environmental law, Tort law; Sask. C.A.; August 19, 2014) -- Judge did not misapprehend evidence in concluding owner failed to establish nuisance claim against City.

R. v. Williamson (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; August 19, 2014) -- Conviction for sexual offences against young boy committed over 30 years ago overturned because trial judge erred in refusing to grant a stay of proceedings based on unreasonable delay.

Thériault-Martel c. Savoie (Responsabilité civile, dommages; QCCS; 15 août 2014) -- L'homme d'affaires Savoie est condamné à des dommages punitifs de 200 000 $ pour la poursuite-bâillon intentée contre une retraitée ayant de faibles revenus. -- Businessman Savoie was ordered to pay $200,000 in punitive damages for a SLAPP initiated against a retired woman with low income.

Kaynes v. BP (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, Securities regulation; Ont. C.A.; August 14, 2014) -- Ontario not forum conveniens as there was proposed class proceeding pending in U.S. where many more shareholders resided.

R. v. Sona (Criminal law, Government law; Ont. Ct. of Justice; August 14, 2014) -- Former Conservative election campaign worker guilty of endeavouring to prevent electors from voting in 2011 federal election.

McAteer v. Canada (Attorney General) (Constitutional law, Government law, Immigration law; Ont. C.A.; August 13, 2014) -- Swearing oath to Queen was commitment to our form of government, not allegiance to specific person who lived in England.

R. v. Smith (Criminal law, Health law; B.C.C.A.; August 14, 2014) -- Medical exemption for possession of marijuana to the dried form only was arbitrary because use of marijuana derivatives not shown to be unsafe or ineffective.

United States of America v. 'Isa (Criminal law, International law; Alta. C.A.; August 11, 2014) -- 'Isa extradited to stand trial on charges of conspiracy to murder Americans abroad and provision of material support to terrorist conduct.

Good v. Toronto (City) Police Services Board (Civil litigation; Ont. Div. Ct.; August 6, 2014) -- Class action claim against Crown and Toronto Police for unlawful detention of demonstrators during G20 summit certified.

Fontaine v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law, Government law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; August 6, 2014) -- Documents produced during the independent assessment process to compensate former students of Indian Residential Schools to be destroyed after 15 years.

Phillion v. Ontario (Attorney General) (Civil litigation, Tort law; Ont. C.A.; July 31, 2014) -- Plaintiff's civil action against the Crown and police after his murder conviction was overturned allowed to proceed.

Hébert c. R. (Droit criminal; QCCA; 1er août 2014)  -- Le comportement du juge Boilard par ses propos désobligeants et sexistes, discréditant l'avocate de la défense devant le jury suscite une crainte raisonnable de partialité. -- Judge Boilard's conduct with his disparaging remarks and sexist comments, discrediting the defense counsel before the jury gives rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias

Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited v. Hydro-Québec (Contracts, Natural resources law; QCCS; July 24, 2014) -- Hydro-Québec's refusal to renegotiate the pricing terms of the contract it entered into with Churchill Falls in 1969 was not unreasonable. -- Le refus d'Hydro-Québec de renégocier les conditions tarifaires contenues au contrat conclu en 1969 avec Churchill Falls n'était pas déraisonnable.

Manitoba (Progressive Conservative Party) v. Manitoba (Constitutional law, Government law, Taxation; Man. Q.B.; July 18, 2014) -- Increase in sales tax rate without complying with referendum procedure did not breach citizens' Charter rights.

Dow c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 23 juillet 2014)   -- Les directives au jury auraient dû couvrir la distinction entre les effets juridiques des troubles mentaux de Dow et ceux découlant de son intoxication par l'alcool. -- Directions to jury should have covered distinction between legal effect of Dow's mental illness and effect stemming from alcohol intoxication at time of offences.

R. v. Hersi (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; July 24, 2014) -- Offender sentenced to ten years' imprisonment for attempted participation in terrorist group activities and counseling another to participate.

R. v. Mastronardi (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; July 24, 2014) -- Trial judge did not err in convicting appellant of sexual assault for his fraudulent gynecological examinations.

Giroux c. Centre hospitalier régional de Trois-Rivières (CHRTR) (Droit de la santé; QCCA; 17 juillet 2014) -- L'entente de médecins orthopédistes de Trois-Rivières régissant leur régime de garde ne constituait pas un contrat sui generis mais un règlement illégal. -- The agreement between Trois-Rivières orthopaedic physicians respecting their on-call duty assignment was not a sui generis contract but an illegal by-law.

Muskoka Lakes (Township) v. Ontario (Minister of Natural Resources) (Natural resources law; Ont. C.A.; July 21, 2014) -- Common law public right of passage over a navigable waterway did not include the right to portage over another's lands.

Unique Broadband Systems Inc. (Re) (Corporations, partnerships and associations law, Employment law; Ont. C.A.; July 10, 2014) -- CEO not entitled to legal indemnification where he did not act honestly and in good faith.

Matheson v. Lewis (Insurance law; Ont. C.A.; July 11, 2014) -- Motion judge erred in finding ATV was self-propelled instrument of husbandry and was therefore excluded from compulsory insurance regime.

Tremblay c. Lavoie (Responsabilité civile; QCCS; 10 juillet 2014) -- Recours collectif contre les Rédemptoristes et le Collège St-Alphonse accueilli en partie pour des abus sexuels perpétrés entre 1960 et 1987. -- Class action lawsuit against Redemptorists and Collège St-Alphonse for sexual abuses that occurred between 1960 and 1987 allowed in part.

Moisescu c. Lecours (Responsabilité civile, dommages; QCCS; 4 juillet 2014) -- Le fait de prendre des photos d'une propriété voisine, le soir, sans justification apparente constitue une atteinte à la vie privée devant être compensée. -- Taking pictures of a neighbour's house, in the evening, without apparent justification constitutes an invasion of privacy for which compensation can be awarded.

Foulidis v. Ford (Tort law; Ont. C.A.; July 8, 2014)   -- Trial judge did not err in concluding Rob Ford's words were not defamatory and did not target plaintiff.

Khadr v. Edmonton Institution (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; July 8, 2014) -- Khadr's sentence was eligible to be served in provincial penitentiary.

R. c. Perron (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 2 juillet 2014)   -- O'Reilly, 81 ans, est condamné à quatre ans d'emprisonnement pour une importante fraude liée à la contrebande de cigarettes. -- O'Reilly, 81, sentenced to four years' imprisonment for an important fraud involving contraband cigarettes.

Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care v. Canada (Attorney General) (Constitutional law, Government law, Health law, Immigration law; F.C.; July 4, 2014) -- Changes to the Interim Federal Health Program breached ss. 12 and 15 of Charter, as refugee claimants were targeted for adverse treatment in order to force removal from Canada or deter entry in manner that shocked public conscience and perpetuated stereotypes.

Jia v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (Administrative law, Immigration law; F.C.; June 23, 2014) -- No absolute right to the issuance of a visa following the mere fact of having applied.

R. v. Smith (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; June 27, 2014) -- Police conduct during undercover Mr. Big operation to coerce confession from accused justified exclusion of evidence.

R. v. Rahman (Criminal law; N.S.C.A.; June 23, 2014)   -- Father's convictions for aggravated assault and manslaughter of his infant daughter upheld.

R. v. Mann (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; June 18, 2014)   -- Warrantless seizure of two Blackberry devices from accused incidental to arrest, and search of entire contents of devices, was breach of right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

Alberta v. Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (Civil litigation, Constitutional law, Labour law; Alta. C.A.; June 17, 2014) -- Court had jurisdiction to make contempt order, but portions of order imposing publication obligations on union infringed freedom of expression and were deleted.

Equustek Solutions Inc. v. Jack (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, Information technology; B.C.S.C.; June 13, 2014) -- Application by plaintiffs for injunction requiring Google to remove all websites where defendants sold products from search results worldwide allowed.

Canada v. Kitselas First Nation (Aboriginal law; Fed. C.A.; June 5, 2014) -- Crown breached a legal obligation to the Kitselas First Nation by failing to include a parcel of land in a reserve.

Sociedade-de-fomento Industrial Private Ltd. v. Pakistan Steel Mills Corp. (Private) Ltd. (Alternative dispute resolution, Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, International law; B.C.C.A.; June 2, 2014) -- SFI not obliged to show enforcement in Pakistan possible in seeking Mareva injunction in B.C.

Toronto District School Board v. Toronto (City) (Education law, Municipal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; June 13, 2014) -- Proposal by School Board to add dome to playing field would result in 70 per cent usage of field for non-school purposes.

Deguise c. Montminy (Responsabilité professionnelle et déontologie, construction; QCCS; 12 juin 2014) -- Les recours découlant des dommages causés par la pyrrhotite dans le béton utilisé par des entrepreneurs entre 2003 et 2008 sont accueillis en partie. -- Proceedings arising from damages caused by pyrrhotite in concrete used by contractors from 2003 to 2008 are allowed in part.

R. v. Skakun (Criminal law, Government law, Statutory interpretation; B.C.C.A.; June 11, 2014) -- Appeal by municipal councillor from dismissal of appeal from conviction for making unauthorized disclosure of personal information dismissed.

Adoption - 1445 (Droit de la famille; QCCA; 10 juin 2014) -- Le placement d'un enfant en vue de son adoption est ordonné malgré la convention illégalement formée entre l'adoptante et la mère porteuse concernant le consentement à l'adoption. -- Placement with a view to adoption ordered despite illegal agreement between adopter and surrogate mother respecting consent to adoption.

R. v. Mohamed (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; June 5, 2014)   -- Manslaughter conviction overturned and new trial ordered because trial judge erred in limiting self-defence charge to jury.

Fontaine Estate v. Canada (Aboriginal law, Government law, Legal profession; Man. Q.B.; June 4, 2014) -- Form Fillers providing services to residential school attendees in seeking compensation for abuse pursuant to settlement agreement with several provinces prohibited from providing legal services, collecting contingency fees or accepting assignment of settlement funds from claimants.

R. v. Montague (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; June 3, 2014)   -- Forfeiture of over $116,000 in weapons and ammunition was not cruel and unusual punishment.

R. v. Fast (Criminal law; Sask. Q.B.; May 30, 2014)   -- Accused behind largest fraud in Saskatchewan history, sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and ordered to pay restitution of over $16 million to many elderly investors.

Lacasse c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 15 mai 2014)   -- La peine imposée à Lacasse pour conduite avec facultés affaiblies ayant causé la mort de deux personnes passe de 77 à 47 mois d'emprisonnement puisqu'elle n'avait pas été suffisamment individualisée. -- The sentence imposed on Lacasse for impaired driving causing the death of two passengers was reduced from 77 to 47 months' imprisonment due to insufficient individualization by the trial judge.

Douez v. Facebook Inc. (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, Information technology; B.C.S.C.; May 30, 2014) -- Application for certification of class action against Facebook in B.C. for unauthorized use of users names and likenesses in advertising allowed.

Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law; Nun. C.A.; April 23, 2014) -- Partial summary judgment of $14.8 million for failure of Crown to implement environmental and economic monitoring plan within timelines of parallel Implementation Agreement set aside.

Wilson v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) (Criminal law, Transportation law; B.C.C.A.; May 30, 2014) -- Trial judge erred in ruling that blowing a "warn" on an approved roadside screening device was not enough to justify an immediate driving prohibition.

Accurso c. Charbonneau (Droit constitutionnel; QCCS; 30 avril 2014) -- Accurso peut être contraint de témoigner à la Commission Charbonneau. -- Accurso could be compelled to give testimony at the Charbonneau Commission.

R. v. Karigar (Criminal law, International law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; May 23, 2014) -- Accused sentenced to three years' imprisonment for bribery contrary to Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.

Charest c. Dessau inc. (Procédure civile; QCCS; 6 mai 2014) -- La requête d'un contribuable de Montréal pour autorisation d'exercer un recours collectif contre des firmes de génie-conseil accusées de collusion dans le partage de contrats municipaux est rejetée. -- The application by a Montreal taxpayer for certification of a class action against engineering consulting firms that allegedly participated in market sharing for municipal contracts was dismissed.

Balikama v. Khaira Enterprises Ltd. (Employment law, Human rights law; B.C. Human Rights Tribunal; May 23, 2014) -- Tree-planting company discriminated against African workers by failing to pay wages owing to them while others were paid.

R. c. Sidime (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 21 mai 2014) Un homme ayant causé la mort de sa fille en la giflant est condamné à 60 jours d'emprisonnement discontinu. -- A man who caused the death of his daughter when he slapped her was sentenced to a 60-day intermittent prison term.

Lepage c. FTQ-Construction (Responsabilité civile, dommages; QCCS; 20 mai 2014) -- Le syndicat FTQ-Construction et ses dirigeants sont condamnés à verser des dommages totalisant 300 000 $ pour la diffamation du directeur d'un chantier de construction. -- Québec labour union FTQ-Construction and its leaders were ordered to pay damages totalling $300,000 for the defamation of a construction site manager.

France v. Diab (International law; Ont. C.A.; May 15, 2014) -- Surrender order was reasonable, as process leading to foreign trial for alleged role in 1980 synagogue bombing had been initiated.

Vancouver (City) Police Department v. British Columbia (Police Complaint Commissioner) (Professional responsibility; B.C.C.A.; May 12, 2014) -- Commissioner could not order reopening of investigation into complaint against two police officers for failure to warn of death threat.

R. v. Panipekeesick (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; April 21, 2014) -- Trial judge erred in his application of the law respecting extortion.

Richer v. Canada (Attorney General) (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; April 25, 2014) -- Appeal by two inmates from dismissal of application for habeas corpus with certiorari when their request to be in assigned shared housing unit was denied properly dismissed.

Johnstone v. Canada (Border Services) (Employment law, Human rights law; Fed. C.A.; May 2, 2014) -- Tribunal did not err in finding prima facie discrimination on basis of family status due to rotating shift schedule's interference with childcare obligations.

Munyaneza c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 7 mai 2014)   -- Le jugement ayant trouvé Munyaneza coupable de génocide, de crimes contre l'humanité et de crimes de guerres est confirmé. -- The judgment finding Munyaneza guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes was upheld.

Frank v. Canada (Attorney General) (Constitutional law, Government law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; May 2, 2014) -- Provisions of the Canada Elections Act barring expatriates who have lived abroad for more than five years from voting, are unconstitutional.

British Columbia v. Canadian National Railway (Administrative law, Natural resources law; B.C.C.A.; May 1, 2014) -- Commission's decision to award compensation to Crown for timber damaged in fire caused by CNR based on stumpage rate at time of salvage, not fire, was reasonable.

R. v. Appulonappa (Constitutional law, Immigration law; B.C.C.A.; April 30, 2014) -- Human smuggling provision not overbroad and was directed to deterring and penalizing those who assist others in entering Canada illegally.

Allard v. Canada (Civil litigation, Constitutional law, Criminal law, Health law; F.C.; March 21, 2014) -- Those holding a valid license to grow marijuana were exempt from the repeal of the MMAR and operation of the MMPR pending determination of their constitutional rights at trial, subject to the possession limits under the MMPR.

Magasins Best Buy ltée c. Québec (Procureur général) (Droits et libertés de la personne, droit commercial; QCCS; 9 avril 2014) -- Les marques de commerce anglaises Best Buy, Costco, Old Navy et celles d'autres compagnies ne contreviennent pas à la Charte de la langue française lorsqu'elles sont utilisées dans l'affichage public. -- Best Buy, Costco, Old Navy and other English trade-marks used in public signs do not violate the Québec Charter of the French Language.

Laver v. Swrjeski (Civil litigation, Legal profession, Professional responsibility; Ont. C.A.; April 17, 2014) -- Judge's comments expressing inclination not to make adverse finding against respondent due to his status as police officer tainted credibility finding.

Daniels v. Canada (Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development) (Aboriginal law, Constitutional law; Fed. C.A.; April 17, 2014) -- Only Metis are included as Indians under the Constitution, but not non-status Indians.

CHU de Québec c. M.G. (Droit des personnes; QCCS; 1 avril 2014) -- Malgré l'opposition des parents, la Cour supérieure autorise les soins destinés à une patiente plongée dans le coma après une surdose de drogue. -- Québec Superior Court overrules parental refusal to allow treatment for a patient who fell in a coma after a drug overdose.

R. v. Porisky (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; April 14, 2014)   -- Convictions for tax-related offences overturned because formal procedure to re-elect mode of trial or waive right to jury trial was not followed.

Chatham-Kent Children's Services v. A.H. (Conflict of laws, Family law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 14, 2014) -- Chatham-Kent Children's Services not required to deliver children of Lev Tahor religious community to child protection authorities in Quebec.

Ontario (General Manager, Ontario Health Insurance Plan) v. Clarke (Administrative law, Health law; Ont. Div. Ct.; March 31, 2014) -- Migrant farm workers' OHIP coverage ended when their work permits expired.

R. c. Roberge (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 4 avril 2014)   -- Un enquêteur de la Ville de Montréal est condamné à huit ans d'emprisonnement pour avoir vendu des informations à des groupes criminels. -- A Montreal police investigator was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment for selling information to organized criminal gangs.

R. c. Després (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 2 avril 2014)   -- Després est condamné à 16 mois d'emprisonnement pour agression sexuelle, ayant eu des relations sexuelles avec sa petite amie de 14 ans. -- Després sentenced to 16 months' imprisonment for sexual assault after he had consensual sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend.

Figueiras v. Toronto (City) Police Services Board (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Professional responsibility, Tort law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 4, 2014) -- Denial of access to perimeter of summit to those with closed bags was minimal intrusion of accused's rights and de minimis touching by police did not constitute battery.

R. v. Badgerow (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; April 8, 2014) - - Strong public interest in a trial outweighed any unfairness in trying the accused a fourth time.