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CHU de Québec c. M.G. (Droit des personnes; QCCS; 1 avril 2014) -- Malgré l'opposition des parents, la Cour supérieure autorise les soins destinés à une patiente plongée dans le coma après une surdose de drogue. -- Québec Superior Court overrules parental refusal to allow treatment for a patient who fell in a coma after a drug overdose.

R. v. Porisky (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; April 14, 2014)   -- Convictions for tax-related offences overturned because formal procedure to re-elect mode of trial or waive right to jury trial was not followed.

Chatham-Kent Children's Services v. A.H. (Conflict of laws, Family law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 14, 2014) -- Chatham-Kent Children's Services not required to deliver children of Lev Tahor religious community to child protection authorities in Quebec.

Ontario (General Manager, Ontario Health Insurance Plan) v. Clarke (Administrative law, Health law; Ont. Div. Ct.; March 31, 2014) -- Migrant farm workers' OHIP coverage ended when their work permits expired.

R. c. Roberge (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 4 avril 2014)   -- Un enquêteur de la Ville de Montréal est condamné à huit ans d'emprisonnement pour avoir vendu des informations à des groupes criminels. -- A Montreal police investigator was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment for selling information to organized criminal gangs.

R. c. Després (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 2 avril 2014)   -- Després est condamné à 16 mois d'emprisonnement pour agression sexuelle, ayant eu des relations sexuelles avec sa petite amie de 14 ans. -- Després sentenced to 16 months' imprisonment for sexual assault after he had consensual sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend.

Figueiras v. Toronto (City) Police Services Board (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Professional responsibility, Tort law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 4, 2014) -- Denial of access to perimeter of summit to those with closed bags was minimal intrusion of accused's rights and de minimis touching by police did not constitute battery.

R. v. Badgerow (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; April 8, 2014) - - Strong public interest in a trial outweighed any unfairness in trying the accused a fourth time.

Livent Inc. (Special Receiver and Manager of) v. Deloitte & Touche (Corporations, partnerships and associations law, Damages, Professional responsibility, Tort law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 4, 2014) -- Damages for negligence payable by Deloitte to Livent through its receivers totaled $84.75 million.

Erazo v. Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (Administrative law, Education law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; April 4, 2014) -- Non-Catholic student who was exempted from religious studies was also exempt from mass, liturgies and religious retreats.

R. v. Barabash (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; April 3, 2014) -- Trial judge's acquittal for child pornography offences on basis of private use exception resulted from reasoning that was wrong in law.

Furlong v. Edmonton Police Service (Professional responsibility; Alta. C.A.; March 27, 2014) -- Presiding officer's decision recommending dismissal of Constable for misconduct was reasonable.

Watkins v. Dormuth (Damages, Professional responsibility, Tort law, Transportation law; B.C.S.C.; March 31, 2014) -- Damages of almost $1 million awarded when plaintiff's vehicle was struck by police vehicle in t-bone collision.

Canada (Procureur général) c. Chambre des notaires du Québec (Droit constitutionnel, droit fiscal, professions juridiques; QCCA; 21 mars 2014) -- Les art. 231.2(1) et 231.7 de la Loi de l'impôt sur le revenu sont déclarés inconstitutionnels et inopérants. -- Paragraph 231.2(1) and section 231.7 of the Income Tax Act were declared unconstitutional and inoperative.

R. v. Cyr (Aboriginal law, Criminal law; Sask. Q.B.; February 28, 2014) -- Crown's duty to facilitate First Nations participation in justice system did not extend to providing mixed jury to try accused.

Tracy (Litigation guardian of) v. Iranian Ministry of Information and Security (Conflict of laws; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; March 17, 2014) -- Funds in two Ontario bank accounts and real properties belonged to Iran and were non-diplomatic assets available to satisfy US order pursuant to Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act.

R. v. Wilson (Criminal law, Transportation law; Ont. C.A.; March 21, 2014) -- Due diligence defence available for seat belt offence under HTA.

R. v. Gerstein (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; March 13, 2014) -- Fraud charges involving losses of $7.6 million stayed for unreasonable delay due to Crown's lack of timely disclosure.

R. v. Reyat (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; March 13, 2014)   -- Sentence of nine years, longest imposed for perjury at trial of two Air India bombers, not unfit in case unparalleled in Canada.

Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd. c. Québec (Procureur général) (Droit constitutionnel, santé; QCCS; 5 mars 2014) -- La Loi sur le recouvrement des soins de santé et des dommages-intérêts liés au tabac ne viole pas la Charte des droits et libertés de la personne du Québec. -- The Tobacco-Related Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act does not violate the Québec Charter of human rights and freedoms.

R. v. Schmidt (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Health law, Natural resources law; Ont. C.A.; March 11, 2014) -- Appeal by accused from convictions related to sale and distribution of un-pasteurized milk through cow-share program dismissed.

R. v. Kish (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; March 10, 2014)   -- Conviction for second degree murder upheld because accused's identification was supported by eyewitness evidence that was corroborative on material points and with surveillance video.

Midland Resources Holding Ltd. v. Shtaif (Damages, Tort law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; March 7, 2014) -- Action by Midland Resources against multiple defendants for damages related to their lost investment in a failed joint venture to acquire and develop Russian oil fields allowed.

Garrie v. Janus Joan Inc. (Employment law, Human rights law; Ont. H.R.T.; February 28, 2014) -- Respondent's discriminatory pay practice for workers with developmental disabilities was a serious violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

R. v. Karim (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; March 6, 2014)   -- Sentencing judge did not double count aggravating factors in assessing moral blameworthiness as near murder.

R. v. Paul (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; March 4, 2014)   -- Judge gave due consideration to accused's Aboriginal heritage, his young age, prior good character and extreme intoxication in imposing life imprisonment with 16 years of parole ineligibility.

Syndicat des employées et employés professionnels et de bureau, section locale 573 (CTC-FTQ) c. Commission de la construction du Québec (Droit constitutionnel, rapports collectifs de travail; QCCA; 25 février 2014) -- Le personnel d'enquête de la Commission de la construction du Québec ne peut être représenté par une association affiliée à un syndicat représentant des salariés de la construction. -- The investigative staff at the Commission de la construction du Québec could not be represented by a union affiliated with another representing construction workers.

Sivia v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Transportation law; B.C.C.A.; March 3, 2014) -- British Columbia's automatic roadside prohibition regime was valid provincial legislation rather than exclusively within federal government's criminal law power.

British Columbia (Director of Civil Forfeiture) v. Lloydsmith (Civil litigation, Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; February 21, 2014) -- Permitting the case to proceed as organized provided an opportunity for determining the interaction between s. 24 of the Charter and s. 6 of the Civil Forfeiture Act at trial prior to any consideration of the issues on appeal.

Boyd v. Edington (Health law, Professional responsibility, Tort law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; February 20, 2014) -- Defendant breached standard of care by not recognizing possibility of stroke, by drastically reducing plaintiff's blood pressure, and by failing to refer her to neurology in timely manner.

R. v. Doodnaught (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; February 25, 2014) -- Offender sentenced to ten years' imprisonment for 21 counts of sexual assault of female patients when they were sedated.

R. v. Todorovic (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; February 27, 2014) -- Conviction and imposition of an adult sentence for first degree murder upheld.

Ogden v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Employment law; B.C.S.C.; February 24, 2014) -- CIBC acted in high-handed manner in dismissing Ogden which breached its duty of good faith.

R. v. Caron (Constitutional law, Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; February 21, 2014) -- At time of 1870 annexation of what constituted present-day Alberta, there was no indication of an intention to expressly protect the right to publish law in French and English.

R. c. Caron (Droit constitutionnel, droit criminel; Alta. C.A.; 21 février 2014) -- Au moment de l'indexation des terres formant maintenant l'Alberta en 1870, il n'y a eu aucune expression explicite d'une intention de protéger le droit de voir la législation publiée en anglais et en français.

Pardi c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 20 février 2014)   -- La condamnation de Brandon Pardi et la sentence d'emprisonnement avec sursis qui lui a été imposée pour avoir causé la mort de la jeune Bianca Leduc sont confirmées. -- Brandon Pardi's guilty verdict and his conditional sentence for dangerous driving causing the death of young Bianca Leduc were affirmed.

Canada (Commissioner of Competition) v. Chatr Wireless Inc. (Commercial law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; February 21, 2014) -- Administrative penalty of $500,000 imposed against Chatr Wireless and Rogers Communications for failing to conduct adequate and proper tests prior to claiming fewer dropped calls than competitors in four major markets.

Laflamme c. Bell Mobilité inc. (Droit commercial, contrats et obligations; QCCS; 18 février 2014) -- Le recours collectif intenté contre Bell à la suite d'une modification tarifaire unilatérale est accueilli en partie. -- Class action filed against Bell for unilateral changes to its rates is allowed in part.

Burnell v. Canada (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans) (Civil litigation, Natural resources law; B.C.S.C.; February 18, 2014) -- Application by commercial halibut fisher for certification of class action against Crown for alleged unlawful expropriation or tax on public resources allowed.

R. v. Lloyd (Criminal law; B.C.P.C.; January 24, 2014)   -- Mandatory one-year minimum was cruel and unusual punishment in hypothetical scenario of addict possessing drugs to share with other users.

Ontario (Attorney General) v. $10,000.00 in Canadian Currency (In Rem) (Criminal law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; February 10, 2014) -- Incidental search resulting in seizure of five bundles of cash totaling $10,000 forfeited to Crown.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee v. Canada (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans) (Environmental law, Government law, Natural resources law; F.C.; February 14, 2014) -- Declaration of unlawfulness was necessary and appropriate as expression of judicial disapproval and to ensure future compliance with statutory timelines under Species of Risk Act.

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees v. Alberta (Civil litigation, Labour law; Alta. Q.B.; February 14, 2014) -- Motion by Alberta Union of Provincial Employees for an injunction staying the operation of the newly enacted Public Service Salary Restraint Act granted.

Pétrolia inc. c. Gaspé (Ville de) (Droit municipal, ressources naturelles; QCCS; 10 février 2014) -- Un règlement municipal ayant pour effet de réglementer des activités de forage autorisées en vertu de la Loi sur les mines est déclaré ultra vires. -- A municipal by-law restricting drilling activity authorized under the Mining Act is declared ultra vires.

Laflamme v. Groupe TDL ltée (Civil liability; QCCS; February 6, 2014) -- Laflamme was awarded $50,000 for non-pecuniary damages after she severely burnt her tongue and mouth with soup in a fast food restaurant. -- Laflamme a droit à des dommages non pécuniaires de 50 000$ après s'être brûlé la bouche et la langue en mangeant une soupe dans un établissement de restauration rapide.

Chatham-Kent Children's Services v. A.H. (Conflict of Laws, Family law; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; February 3, 2014) -- Children from Lev Tahor community must be returned to Quebec child protection authorities.

Paquette (Litigation guardian of) v. Surrey School District No. 36 (Education law, Tort law; B.C.S.C.; January 24, 2014) -- School board liable for not taking reasonable actions to prevent children accessing the school roof via the cherry tree.

Fortier c. Meubles Léon ltée (Droit commercial, procédure civile; QCCA; 4 février 2014) -- Des consommateurs québécois pourront exercer un recours collectif contre des commerçants ayant prétendument faits de fausses représentations en lien avec des plans de garanties prolongées. -- Québec consumers are authorized to institute class actions against merchants allegedly guilty of misrepresentations related to extended warranty plans.

Kenyon v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) (Transportation law; B.C.S.C.; February 3, 2014) -- Superintendent's resort to peripheral credibility tests in upholding immediate 90-day roadside prohibition was both methodologically and substantively unsound.

R. v. Cloud (Criminal law; QCCQ; February 3, 2014)   -- Québec Court added a $5 fine to the sentence imposed on a destitute man guilty of mischief and assault in order to diminish the applicable victim fine surcharge.

McMurchie c. Clément (Diffamation; QCCA; 27 janvier 2014) -- Les articles concluant que le maire de Pointe-Claire était le plus dépensier des maires des différentes villes de Montréal n'étaient pas diffamatoires -- The newspaper articles concluding that Pointe-Claire's mayor was the biggest spender of all cities of Montreal's island were not defamatory.

Bentley (Litigation guardian of) v. Maplewood Seniors Care Society (Health law, Wills, estates and trusts law; B.C.S.C.; February 3, 2014) -- Petition by family for withdrawal of provision of nourishment in accordance with previously expressed wishes denied.

Green v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Civil litigation, Securities regulation; Ont. C.A.; February 3, 2014) -- Timminco was overturned based on intent and objective of statutory action and s. 28.

Yuan v. Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (Health law, Professional responsibility; Ont. Div. Ct.; January 31, 2014) -- No breach of ss. 7 or 15 Charter rights was established, as there was no right to practice traditional Chinese medicine unfettered by regulatory rules, and imposition of language and exam requirements was not discriminatory.

R. v. Felger (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; January 29, 2014) - - Store sign prohibiting police entry did not create privacy rights.

Turner v. Bell Mobility Inc. (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, Media and communications law; Alta. Q.B.; January 24, 2014) -- Application by SaskTel to dismiss proposed Alberta class action, as against it, for want of jurisdiction dismissed.

Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux c. Québec (Procureur général) (Droit constitutionnel, droits et libertés de la personne, rapports collectifs de travail; QCCS; 22 janvier 2014) -- Des articles de la Loi de 2009 modifiant la Loi sur l'équité salariale sont déclarés invalides par la Cour supérieure. -- Québec Superior Court declares sections of the 2009 Act to amend the Pay Equity Act invalid.

R. c. Lee (Droit criminel; QCCQ; 23 janvier 2014)   -- Lee est condamnée à une peine de 10 mois d'emprisonnement pour avoir subtilisé plus de 30 000 $ à une femme âgée en perte d'autonomie. -- Lee was sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment for defrauding an elderly woman of over $30,000.

I.L. c. Fotohinia (Responsabilité civile; QCCS; 21 janvier 2014) -- Une femme agressée sexuellement au cours d'une entrevue d'embauche obtient des dommages de plus de 55 000 $ pour le préjudice subi. -- A woman who was sexually assaulted during a job interview was awarded over $55,000 in damages.

Kennedy v. Coe (Tort law; B.C.S.C.; January 27, 2014)   -- No duty of care existed from ski buddy relationship due to absence of sufficient proximity.

British Columbia Teachers' Federation v. British Columbia (Constitutional law, Education law, Labour law; B.C.S.C.; January 27, 2014) -- Impugned provisions were struck down for substantially interfering with teachers' s. 2(d) Charter rights and Federation awarded damages of $2 million.

Bélanger c. Commission des libérations conditionnelles du Canada (Droit criminel, droit constitutionnel; QCCS; 9 janvier 2014) -- La Cour supérieure du Québec déclare inconstitutionnel l'art. 10(1) de la Loi sur l'abolition de la libération anticipée des criminels. -- The Québec Superior Court finds s. 10(1) of the Abolition of Early Parole Act unconstitutional.

Parent c. R. (Criminal Law; QCCS; January 23, 2014)   -- The recordings of a confidential interview held in 2007 with Magnotta as part of a large-scale academic study are privileged. -- L'enregistrement d'une entrevue confidentielle menée en 2007 auprès de Magnotta dans le cadre d'une importante recherche académique fait l'objet d'un privilège.

Henry v. British Columbia (Attorney General) (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Government law, Legal profession, Professional responsibility, Tort law; B.C.C.A.; January 21, 2014) -- Motion judge erred in permitting amendment alleging Crown acted in marked departure from reasonable expected standards.

Trans Union of Canada Inc. v. Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia (c.o.b Consumer Protection BC) (Commercial law; B.C.S.C.; January 17, 2014) -- Compliance order requiring petitioner to stop disclosing credit inquiries by collection agents respecting debts older than six years upheld.

Black v. Canada (Taxation; Tax Court; January 14, 2014) -- Minister correctly assessed Black approximately $5 million for income and benefits as tax resident of Canada.

Fontaine v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law, Civil litigation; Ont. Sup. Ct. of Justice; January 14, 2014) -- Court had jurisdiction to direct production by Crown and OPP and exercised it in favour of Truth and Reconciliation Commission and claimants under Independent Assessment Process created by Settlement.

International Longshore & Warehouse Union Local 502 v. Ford (Civil litigation, Labour law; B.C.S.C.; January 16, 2014) -- Judgment granted against former secretary- treasurer for misappropriating $1.69 million from Union by filling in pre-signed blank cheques and depositing them to family accounts.

R. v. Parent (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; January 16, 2014) -- Trial judge was entitled to give considerable weight to DNA expert evidence in assessing integrity of samples and accused's denials to police.

R. v. Palfrey (Criminal law; Sask. C.A.; January 15, 2014) -- Appeal by Crown from global sentences imposed on respondents for offences committed in connection with major cross-border drug trafficking operation dismissed.

Drabinsky v. Advisory Council of the Order of Canada (Administrative law, Government law; F.C.; January 8, 2014) -- Decision to terminate Drabinsky's appointment to the Order of Canada as a result of his fraud conviction was fair.

Lepage c. FTQ-Construction (Professions juridiques; QCCS; 23 décembre 2013) -- Les propos tenus à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec par le conjoint de la juge saisie du dossier ne peuvent donner lieu à une crainte raisonnable de partialité. -- Remarks made at the National Assembly of Québec by the trial judge's spouse could not give rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias.

Scott v. Saskatchewan Government Insurance (Insurance law; Sask. C.A.; December 17, 2013) -- Since SGI agreed to build lap pool at insured's home it was responsible for paying costs of pool maintenance.

Péladeau c. Placements Péladeau inc. (Contrats et obligations, droit des personnes; QCCS; 6 janvier 2014) -- Péladeau ne peut forcer Placements Péladeau Inc. à renégocier les termes du protocole de règlement régissant les modalités de rachat de ses actions pour 55 millions $. -- Placements Péladeau Inc. cannot be compelled to renegotiate the terms of the agreement entered into with Péladeau respecting the conditions of the repurchase of the latter's shares for a total of $55 million.

Canadian Arab Federation v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (Government law; Fed. Ct.; December 23, 2013) -- Minister's decision to decline to provide Federation with further funding for previously funded language program for newcomers to Canada due to public statements by Federation promoting anti-Semitism and support for terrorist organizations was reasonable.

Telus Communications Co. v. Canada (Attorney General) (Administrative law, Media and communications law; Fed. Ct.; January 2, 2014) -- Minister had authority to impose conditions on spectrum licences for 700 MHz band, including spectrum caps applicable to large wireless service providers such as Telus.

Moore (Re) (Bankruptcy and insolvency law, Transportation law; Ont. C.A.; December 19, 2013) -- Appeal by Superintendent of Bankruptcy from order requiring discharged bankrupt to pay Highway 407 tolls prior to obtaining vehicle permit allowed.

Moulton Contracting Ltd. v. British Columbia (Aboriginal law, Damages, Tort law; B.C.S.C.; December 23, 2013) -- Damages of $1,750,000 awarded to logging contractor for Province's failure to warn of imminent Aboriginal blockade.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act (Re) (Conflict of laws, Criminal law, Government law; Federal Court, November 22, 2013) -- CSIS breached its duty of candour to the Court by failing to declare its intention to engage the assistance of second party foreign allies in intercepting foreign telecommunications.

Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corp. (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws, Environmental law; Ont. C.A.; December 17, 2013) -- Ecuadorian plaintiffs were permitted to try to enforce in Ontario a judgment of an Ecuadorian court against a parent company and its Canadian subsidiary regarding environmental damage in Ecuador.

Inglis v. British Columbia (Minister of Public Safety) (Constitutional law, Criminal law, Family law; B.C.S.C.; December 16, 2013) -- Cancellation of inmate Mother and Baby Program which permitted mothers who gave birth while incarcerated to have babies with them while serving sentence, breached ss. 7 and 15 Charter rights of mothers and babies.

Hartley v. Cunningham (Environmental law, Natural resources law, Real property law; Ont. C.A.; December 11, 2013) -- Trial judge correctly interpreted "trunk" as part of tree growing up from roots to where it branched out to limbs and foliage and therefore the maple was a boundary tree and parties were co-owners.

R. v. Kovich (Criminal law; Man. Prov. Ct.; December 11, 2013) -- Motion by accused challenging statutory denial of enhanced credit for pre-sentence custody allowed.

Leclaire c. Agence du revenu du Québec (Droit fiscal, droit des autochtones; QCCS; 5 décembre 2013) -- Les détaillants d'essence faisant commerce sur les réserves ont l'obligation de percevoir les taxes lors de ventes à des non-Indiens. -- Retailers selling gas on Indian reserves are required to collect taxes for sales to non-Indians.

R. v. Rafferty (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; December 10, 2013) -- Due to complexity of Rafferty's appeal, interests of justice favoured appointment of counsel, to be funded by Legal Aid or Ontario's Attorney General.

R. v. Saleh (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; December 11, 2013) -- New trial ordered in first degree murder conviction because trial judge erred by admitting evidence from one unsavoury witness and not another, failed to provide enough context in his charge to the jury and improperly instructed them when they asked a question.

R. v. K.V.E. (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; December 4, 2013) - - Concurrent five-year sentence for incest and sexual interference was demonstrably unfit but based on totality principle, 10 years' imprisonment was appropriate.

Fortin c. Mercier (Contrats et obligations; QCCS; 21 novembre 2013) -- La survenance d'un double suicide dans la maison aurait dû être révélée aux acheteurs, dont le consentement était dès lors vicié. -- The fact that a double suicide had occurred in the house should have been disclosed to the buyers, and their consent was therefore vitiated.

R. v. Pleau (Criminal law; N.S.P.C.; December 2, 2013)   -- Accused who drove injured friend to hospital was acquitted of drinking and driving charges based on defence of necessity.

R. v. Snook (Criminal law; N.B.P.C.; October 10, 2013)   -- Accused sentenced to a total of 18 years in prison for sexual offences against 17 young males over 12 years.

R. v. Richard (Criminal law; Man. C.A.; November 28, 2013) -- Fresh evidence regarding jury notations querying edited transcripts of interviews by police with co-accused impugned reliability of verdict against Cushnie and required new trial.

Groia v. Law Society of Upper Canada (Legal profession, Professional responsibility; L.S.U.C. Appeal Panel; November 28, 2013) -- Groia's position that his obligation of civility had to yield to his primary duty of zealous advocacy on behalf of his client was misplaced.

Nakhuda v. Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary (Municipal law; Ont. S.C.; September 13, 2013) -- Plaintiff's action against Primate Sanctuary to recover her pet monkey dismissed because evidence did not support finding of undue influence when she surrendered animal.

Black v. Advisory Council for the Order of Canada (Administrative law, Government law; Fed. C.A.; November 18, 2013) -- Conrad Black's appeal from Advisory Council for the Order of Canada's decision denying his request for oral hearing dismissed.

Plamondon c. R. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 22 novembre 2013) -- Nouveau procès ordonné pour Plamondon, reconnu coupable en 1986 de trois meurtres au premier degré. -- New trial ordered for Plamondon, who was convicted in 1986 of three counts of first degree murder.

R. v. Granada (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; November 26, 2013) -- Sentencing judge did not err in admission and reliance upon victim impact statements filed by affected Co-op employees.

Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) c. Commission d'enquête sur l'octroi et la gestion des contrats publics dans l'industrie de la construction (Droit administratif, droit criminel; QCCS; 22 novembre 2013) -- La Commission Charbonneau peut utiliser la preuve obtenue par écoute électronique portant sur Arsenault et Gionet. -- The Charbonneau Commission is allowed to use wiretap evidence pertaining to Arsenault and Gionet.

Lam v. University of British Columbia (Civil litigation, Commercial law, Statutory interpretation; B.C.S.C.; November 20, 2013) -- By operation of Warehouse Receipt Act, UBC, as warehouser, was precluded from relying on clause eliminating its liability for damage to stored sperm samples.

De Jesus v. Canada (Attorney General) (Employment insurance; F.C.A.; November 19, 2013) -- Applications by foreign workers for judicial review of umpire's decision refusing to antedate claims for parental benefits allowed.

Brar v. Manitoba (Taxicab Board) (Administrative law, Transportation law; Man. C.A.; November 12, 2013) -- Seriousness of breach in failure to give reasons and effect on appellant's livelihood justified quashing cancellation and reinstatement of taxicab licence.

Montréal (Ville de) c. Kavanaght (Responsabilité civile, droit municipal; QCCA; 15 novembre 2013) -- La condamnation de la Ville de Montréal à des dommages punitifs pour la détention abusive de 78 personnes en 1996 est infirmée. -- The decision ordering the City of Montreal to pay punitive damages to 78 persons for abusive detention the occurred in 1996 is set aside.

R. v. Mastop (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; November 18, 2013) -- Offender's conduct as a criminal defence lawyer in disseminating Crown and police materials to violent criminal organization, warranted significant deterrent sentence.

Trillium Power Wind Corp. v. Ontario (Ministry of Natural Resources) (Civil litigation, Government law, Natural resources law; Ont. C.A.; November 12, 2013) -- Misfeasance claim permitted to proceed on narrow basis government ordered moratorium was specifically targeted to injure Trillium.

Ebay Canada Ltd. c. Mofo Moko (Contrats et obligations, droit commercial; QCCA; 8 novembre 2013) -- Les utilisateurs du site Ebay sont couverts par la Loi sur la protection du consommateur, même quand ils agissent dans le but de faire un profit. -- The Québec Consumer Protection Act applies to Ebay's web site users even when they are seeking to make a profit.

R. v. Myette (Criminal law; Alta. C.A.; November 12, 2013) -- Disproportionate effect of imprisonment on a disabled offender could not be used to forego the imposition of a custodial sentence where it was otherwise warranted.

R. v. Smickle (Criminal law; Ont. C.A.; November 12, 2013) -- Mandatory three-year minimum sentence for weapons offences breached s. 12 of Charter and was declared of no force and effect.

Owners Strata Plan LMS 2768 v. Jordison (Real property law; B.C.C.A.; November 12, 2013) -- Judge correctly interpreted Strata Property Act provision as authorizing forced sale due to owner's contempt of prior injunction directing cessation of outrageous behaviour toward neighbours.

Health Employers Assn. of British Columbia v. Health Sciences Assn. (Influenza Control Program Policy Grievance) -- (Health law, Labour arbitration, Labour law; 2013 B.C. Collective Agreement Arbitration; October 23, 2013) Grievance by Union against policy requiring healthcare workers to undergo annual flu shot or wear masks during flu season dismissed.

R. c. Turcotte (Droit criminel; QCCA; 13 novembre 2013) -- Le juge du procès n'a pas suffisamment expliqué au jury l'effet de l'intoxication volontaire de Turcotte sur sa défense de troubles mentaux. -- The trial judge failed to properly instruct the jury on the effect of Turcotte's self-induced intoxication on his insanity defence.

Mahjoub (Re) (Constitutional law, Immigration law; F.C.; October 25, 2013) -- Seizure of certain items and communications, late disclosure of information from investigation and other delays violated Mahjoub's rights, but not to such extent that stay warranted.

Elsipogtog First Nation v. Canada (Attorney General) (Aboriginal law, Administrative law, Constitutional law, Government law; FC; November 4, 2013) -- Ministerial decision changing assistance rates and eligibility criteria for Income Assistance Program was unreasonable as it was undertaken without data on impact of potential loss of benefits and without meaningful consultation.

R. v. Vale Canada Ltd. (Workplace health, safety and compensation law; Ont. C.J.; September 17, 2013) -- Employer fined $1.05 million for offences related to workplace accident resulting in two deaths.

Chitrakar v. Bell TV (Government law, Information technology, Media and communications law; FC; October 29, 2013) -- Damages of $10,000 for breach of privacy and $10,000 in exemplary damages awarded against Bell for conducting a credit check without customer's consent.

Marcotte c. Société TVA inc. (Responsabilité civile, contrats et obligations; QCCS; 23 octobre 2013) -- Deux vendeurs de chevaux ont droit à des dommages de plus de 100 000 $ pour perte de profits et atteinte à leur réputation à la suite de la diffusion d'un reportage à l'émission J.E. -- Two horse traders are awarded over $100,000 in damages for loss of profits and injury to their reputation following the broadcasting of a report on a popular investigative news program.

R. v. Grant (Criminal law; Man. C.A.; October 30, 2013) -- Conviction for second degree murder overturned because trial judge erred in excluding evidence by erroneously applying law related to third-party suspect and similar fact evidence.

R. v. Harry (Criminal law; Man. Q.B.; September 27, 2013) -- Defence proposal for suspended sentence did not reflect level of moral culpability for convictions in these fatal dangerous driving charges.

R. v. Bear (Criminal law; Man. C.A.; October 24, 2013)   -- Accused convicted of attempted aggravated assault because he intended to transmit HIV by spitting at police officer.

R. v. McMillan (Criminal law; Man. Q.B.; October 2, 2013) -- Accused sentenced to one year imprisonment for intentionally discharging firearm into a place knowing or being reckless as to whether persons were present, and four-year minimum sentence for offence declared unconstitutional.

R. v. Adamiec (Criminal law; Man. Q.B.; October 16, 2013) -- A proper consideration of all objective criteria applied to facts found by the trial judge led to conclusion that although Adamiec's conduct was contrary to the rules of soccer, it was not beyond soccer's playing culture.

Chan v. Katz (Municipal law; Man. C.A.; October 4, 2013) -- Mayor not in breach of conflict of interest statute for hosting a party at a restaurant in which he owned an interest.

Hastings Community Centre Association v. Vancouver (City) Board of Parks and Recreation (Civil litigation, Municipal law; B.C.S.C.; October 28, 2013) -- No serious question to be tried was established, as OneCard system had not been implemented and promotion of it was within Board's rights under operating agreements.

Société immobilière du Québec c. Fortier (Rapports individuels de travail, procédure civile, prescription; QCCS; 23 octobre 2013) -- L'ancien président-directeur général de la Société immobilière du Québec est condamné à rembourser plus de 75 000 $ pour des notes de frais non justifiées. -- Société immobilière du Québec's former chief executive officer was ordered to reimburse over $75,000 for unjustified expense claims.

Groupe Enico inc. c. Agence du revenu du Québec (Responsabilité civile, droit fiscal; QCCS; 23 octobre 2013) -- Des dommages punitifs de 2 000 000 $ sont octroyés à une compagnie et son président pour l'acharnement dont a fait preuve l'Agence du revenu du Québec à leur égard. -- A company and its president are awarded $2,000,000 in punitive damages for Agence du revenu du Québec's administrative harassment.

Freeman v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) (Administrative law, Immigration law; F.C.; October 23, 2013) -- Application by Freeman for judicial review of finding he was inadmissible for membership in terrorist organization allowed due to lack of procedural fairness.

Projet de loi fédéral relatif au sénat (Re) (Droit constitutionnel; QCCA; 24 octobre 2013) -- Le Projet de loi C-7 sur la réforme du Sénat est inconstitutionnel. -- Bill C-7 on Senate Reform is unconstitutional.

Ktunaxa Nation Council v. British Columbia (Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations) (Aboriginal law, Administrative law, Civil litigation; B.C.S.C.; October 23, 2013) -- Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality's application to be added as party to First Nation Council's judicial review proceeding dismissed.

Khadr v. Edmonton Institution (Criminal law; Alta. Q.B.; October 18, 2013) -- Placement of Khadr in a federal penitentiary was lawful and his application for habeas corpus was denied.

R. v. Bourque (Criminal law; B.C.C.A.; October 16, 2013) -- Appeal by offender from certain probation conditions in sentence imposed for offences related to cruelty of animals and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose allowed to limited extent.

R. c. B.S. (Droit criminel; QCCA; 8 octobre 2013)   -- Il n'existe pas de droit d'appel quant à la décision de la Commission d'examen des troubles mentaux de confirmer l'inaptitude de l'accusé à subir son procès dans le cadre d'une révision annuelle. -- There is no right of appeal from a Review Board's conclusion that an accused is unfit to stand trial when the determination is made during an annual review.

R. v. Orr (Criminal law, Immigration law; B.C.S.C.; October 15, 2013) -- Offender sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment for human trafficking offences under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Bennett Estate v. Iran (Civil litigation, Conflict of laws; Ont. C.A.; October 11, 2013) -- Intervenor status granted to argue that enforcement of an American judgment against Iran's limited assets within Canada would leave other Canadian victims without recourse under Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act.