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Hard lessons on the hard court for lawyers who love the game

As experienced lawyers and lifelong basketball fans, Paul Riley and Sam Hill have logged a lot of court time over the years — in front of judges and referees. But in their new roles as the two top executives for Canada’s only professional basketball league, they’re finding out firsthand that building a successful pro sports venture is far from a slam dunk.

CSIS rapped by court over disclosure lack

As MPs debated a government bill to increase the secrecy and powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the spy agency’s credibility took a hit from a Federal Court of Appeal ruling that CSIS has again breached its “duty of candour and utmost good faith” by withholding relevant and important information in ex parte proceedings before the Federal Court.

Lessons from the ‘copyright pentalogy’

In August, the Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation v. SODRAC 2003 Inc. [2014] F.C.J. No. 321. After a long period in which copyright issues did not reach the nation’s highest court, the SCC has recently decided several copyright cases.

The art of the balanced invoice

Bankruptcy and insolvency professionals should take note of two Ontario Superior Court decisions that have focused on professional fees.

Nationwide edge for bilingual lawyers

Young lawyers looking to break into the legal marketplace can carve out a significant niche for themselves if they are bilingual and thus fulfil a countrywide need for lawyers who can practice in both of Canada’s official languages.