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Ottawa expected to appeal case widening refugee review scope

In a significant administrative law test case expected to be appealed by Ottawa, the Federal Court has ruled that the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board has sweeping appellate powers beyond limited judicial review authority, a boon for thousands of failed refugee claimants.

Unearthing the digital motherlode

Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can help lawyers cross-examine experts, while Facebook can reveal more than surveillance — at much less cost, says the Nova Scotia lawyer who recently won the first reported Canadian ruling ordering disclosure of a plaintiff’s Facebook usage history.

Early intervention

The traditional notion of “hot-tubbing” — the concurrent testimony of expert witnesses at trial — might conjure up an image of questions being fired at two bespectacled individuals who compete in terms of intellect and levels of perspiration.

Storm brewing over genetic modification

In May, an Australian court released a landmark decision about the conflicting rights of organic farmers and those who use genetically-modified crops.

Many steps on path to judiciary

There’s no doubt the work of a judge is complicated, so perhaps it’s fitting there are no easily discernible routes to becoming one. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of judges in this country who followed the exact same career path in obtaining their robes.