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Galati’s challenge could rock judicial appointment practices

Rocco Galati’s constitutional bid to quash the July 1 appointment of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Robert Mainville to the Quebec Court of Appeal could upset the whole federal judicial appointment apple cart if it succeeds, constitutional lawyers say.

Competing rights under microscope

From Prince Edward Island, where the government continues its refusal to sanction abortions, through Ontario and Alberta, where doctors recently rebuffed patients seeking contraceptives, questions are being asked about a doctor’s right to deny medical services as a matter of conscience or religious belief.

Challenging the predatory marriage

Inherent in Canada’s aging population is the increasingly prevalent risk of the “predatory” marriage. It is trite to say that the unscrupulous may take advantage of an older adult who is vulnerable, dependent, or whose decisional capacity is impacted, so as to permit influence and exploitation through a marriage procured for financial gain.

Plan Nord roars back

The newly elected Quebec Liberal majority government recently tabled its first budget which, despite a series of measures to address a larger than expected deficit for 2013-14, followed through on a campaign promise to revive the Plan Nord, in an enhanced version.

‘Employment revolution’ underway for lawyers

Radical changes afoot in the legal world as the profession adapts to globalization and market challenges of the 21st century, say industry consultants and recruiters.