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Putting Canadians first

On June 20, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada announced an overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Given the heightened scrutiny on employers resulting from several abuse scandals in the retail and food services sectors, this announcement came as no surprise to practitioners in this area.

No torture exception to state immunity

The Supreme Court has lobbed the thorny issue of state impunity for torture back to Parliament, ruling that foreign officials cannot be sued here for acts of torture they inflict abroad on Canadians.

Cost fallout in suspension seen as concern

An Ontario lawyer has been ordered to pay costs of roughly $172,000 to the Law Society of Upper Canada after a hearing that found her guilty of seven counts of professional misconduct.

The language of lie detection

Given increases in international travel and immigration, many people who come into contact with the justice system (e.g., victims, witnesses, suspects, litigants) might have difficulties communicating in English.

Walking the firing line

That lawyer who was hired a few months back just isnít cutting it. Heís fallen behind in his work, his billings arenít up to snuff and heís not getting along with other staff at the firm. All signs point to the fact he should be fired.