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Dean honours past century but focus is on school’s future

Winnipeg’s downtown YMCA wasn’t just a place for young men to go when they were short on their dough in 1914. It was where they learned how to become lawyers. The Law Society of Manitoba, and the University of Manitoba rented space at the Y for the first few years of the law school’s existence, the only one in Canada created as a joint venture between a law society and a university.

Feds say SCC selection to be a ‘timely’ one

The Stephen Harper government says it will replace Supreme Court Justice Louis LeBel in a “timely” fashion — notwithstanding that a constitutional bid to disqualify his possible successor — Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Robert Mainville — is unlikely to be resolved before Justice LeBel retires on November 30.

Green light for renewable energy

Many stakeholders in Ontario’s renewable electricity sector may have breathed a sigh of relief following Kathleen Wynne’s surprising majority victory in June’s provincial election in Ontario.

The rise and fall of the additional insured

The classic example of the additional insured and the duty to defend is an action arising from a slip and fall. The property owner and the contractor tasked with performing winter maintenance are both named as defendants.

Do what you do best, have others do the rest

Like any small business, setting up and keeping up a fledgling law firm is neither easy nor cheap. There are bills to pay and profits to turn. The omnipresent pressure of making it flourish can lead to strained discussions about how to keep overhead costs down, or how to trim in areas that might seem ancillary.