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Contract law blockbuster leaves counsel with lingering questions

The Supreme Court’s groundbreaking recognition of a “general organizing principle of good faith contractual performance” —including a new common law duty not to lie, deceive or actively mislead — will spur litigation, counsel predict.

Court upholds $1.15 million damages award

A recent $1.15 million damages award from the Court of Appeal for Ontario is not only a North American first, but a “robust” affirmation of broad jury discretion, according to practitioners and academics.

Is Canada ripe for a food label fight?

Supermarket aisles are lined with products touting claims like “organic,” “all natural,” and “no sugar added.” As consumers increasingly scrutinize advertised health benefits, ingredient lists and risks associated with foods and beverages, food companies must be more attuned than ever to the evolving regulatory landscape and litigation risk.

Using IP to level the playing field

Competition law and intellectual property law are often directed toward two seemingly incompatible goals. In September, the Competition Bureau issued guidelines regarding enforcement of the Competition Act when applied to intellectual property rights.

A little more conversation, and a lot more action

Garth Sheriff travels a lot for business and wherever he goes, he makes a point of picking up the local newspaper. The routine is partially out of interest and partially strategic. When it’s time to get to work, the chartered professional accountant will have in his figurative back pocket a sprinkle of light conversation to warm up the room.