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Quashing of security certificate spurs calls for reform of program

National security lawyers and special advocates are calling on Parliament to rethink the secretive security certificate process after the Federal Court recently quashed another security certificate as “unreasonable.”

Animal rights advocates say their recent loss at the Supreme Court adds new urgency to nearly two decades of failed legislative efforts to update Canada’s antiquated animal cruelty laws.

Did you know that your brain is hardwired to play tricks on you? What you hear, see, touch, taste and smell floods your brain with information about the world around you.

Adverse cost protection is a relatively new insurance or quasi-insurance product that can help lessen the financial blow of a lost case for both the client and lawyer. It may also be called adverse cost insurance, legal expense insurance, or after the event (ATE) insurance.

It’s a dream of many law students and young lawyers — to hang out their shingle and enjoy the freedom of being the boss, choosing when and how to work, answering to no one but their clients and themselves.