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SCC will revisit charged issue of assisted suicide 21 years on

When the Supreme Court narrowly upheld the Criminal Code ban on assisted suicide 21 years ago, the majority concluded that the state’s interest in protecting life and vulnerable members of society prevails over an individual’s autonomy and desire to die with dignity.

Women lagging in pay, clout

Whether it’s about making partner, getting paid, or being credited for rainmaking, women still lag far behind men in private legal practice, the latest data shows.

Appealing arbitration

On Aug. 1, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously reversed a decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal and restored an arbitration award which the latter court had found to be “absurd.”

Sign language

On April 9, Justice Michel Yergeau of the Superior Court of Quebec rendered a significant decision on the motion for declaratory judgment instituted by eight multinational corporations, namely, Best Buy, Costco, Gap, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us, Guess? and Curves.

Managing message in media storm

They can have the same legal problems as anybody else and pay the same fees but a celebrity is not — and never will be — a run-of-the-mill client.