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Controversial TWU covenant may be tested at highest court

The dispute over Trinity Western University’s planned law school has spread from law societies to the courts, with a new Charter challenge filed in B.C. that could open the door to the Supreme Court of Canada eventually deciding whether or not to accredit future TWU law graduates.

SCC rejects feds’ cap on custody credit

The Supreme Court has sent the federal government back to the legislative drawing board if Ottawa wants to eliminate the extra credit offenders have historically received for the so-called “dead time” they spend in pretrial custody.

New rules for foreign property reporting

Changes to the Canada Revenue Agency’s foreign reporting tax form T1135 may affect many taxpayers in their wallets and in the personal information they must disclose. These changes are part of the federal government’s efforts to combat offshore tax planning and evasion, and to target certain taxpayers for audit. Canadian tax residents must report and pay tax on their worldwide income.

First Nations: Open for business

Next time your clients are seeking growth or expansion into a new market — tell them to consider First Nations. For many First Nations across Canada, the Indian Act regulates real and personal property, resulting in a unique land tenure and enforcement system. Add to that the need to consider case law dealing with the application of provincial and federal laws, and lawyers can be wary of transactions involving First Nations.

When feeling the heat, just relax

Lawyers have the reputation of being rational, cool-headed professionals who think before they act. But that can sometimes go out the window in today’s fast-paced workplace. These days, lawyers working at law firms are under pressure to bring in business and handle multiple files.