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Lawyers warn bill on fast track could have unanticipated fallout

A federal government bill that further restricts the narrow defence of provocation to prevent its use in so-called “honour killing” cases is unnecessary and counterproductive, lawyers say.

A federal government proposal to throw a cloak of secrecy over patent and trademark agents’ confidential communications with their clients has divided the intellectual property bar and surprised legal regulators.

Since the 2012 decision in Jones v. Tsige introduced the tort of intrusion upon seclusion, there has been a remedy when an individual wrongfully accesses or misuses another person’s private information.

The promise of the new express-entry permanent residence (PR) program, launched on Jan. 1, was that it would be a “faster and more effective way for Canada to welcome skilled immigrants,” to quote the government news release.

The trials and tribulations of the job and a feeling of always being tethered to work via technology and digital devices have left many lawyers in a “detached state,” according to Elizabeth Griffin, an international human rights lawyer and fellow at the University of Essex Human Rights Centre in the U.K.