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Lawyers wrestle with brave new world of genetic tests and rights

Doctors at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children know 12-year-old Ann has one of two life-threatening diseases, but they aren’t sure which one. The uncertainty could be fatal because the two disorders demand very different treatments: either drugs, or heart surgery to forestall sudden death.

The Court of Appeal for British Columbia has reversed a decision that awarded a woman $480,000 in damages against her parents for failing to protect her from her grandfather’s sexual assaults more than half a century ago.

Child abuse allegations aggravate custody disputes. Whether counsel represents the alleged abuser or the parent making the allegation, these cases are fraught with difficulty. The issue is a sensitive one, exposing intimate family details and raw emotion which are difficult to handle.

The mining industry is a significant contributor to Canada’s GDP and a significant employer across Canada, providing the largest proportion of high-paying and skilled jobs of all industrial sectors in Canada. Due to the richness of its natural resources, Canada is a world leader in the global production of 11 major minerals and metals.

A traumatic event a decade ago followed by severe depression left Dante, once one of Ottawa’s top litigators, unable to get out of bed, leave his house and not even remotely close to being able to practise law. “People were coming over to make sure I was still alive,” says Dante, who requested his real name not be used for this story.