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Trump’s criticism of judiciary called ‘threat to the rule of law’

American President Donald Trump’s tweet-shaming of the U.S. judges who lifted his contentious travel ban this month is the latest so-called “judge-bashing” by senior politicians that is alarming lawyers and judges in the western world.

The federal government is moving to proclaim an inert Conservative-era human trafficking law containing a rebuttable evidentiary presumption of guilt that the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) contends is “likely unconstitutional” and should be scrapped.

A writ of seizure and sale is one of the principal methods of enforcing a judgment for the payment of money. However, since the enactment of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the ability of judgment creditors to obtain necessary information to enforce judgments has been complicated by concerns for the personal privacy of individual judgment debtors. 

Policing is a difficult job with inherent and constant risk to those tasked with protecting the public and upholding the law. Police safety must be a priority, but at what cost?

For young female lawyers, having more experienced women to lean on for support and encouragement, or for advice on the gender challenges for them in law, often goes a long way.