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Nation ‘can and must do better’ say ministers of child treatment

It’s rare to witness the attorney general of Canada, or other cabinet ministers for that matter, enthusiastically welcoming a tribunal decision against Ottawa, especially when it means millions more in federal spending — in this case on upgrading First Nations child welfare services to be “substantively equal” to those protecting other children.

The Ontario Superior Court’s recent creation of a sweeping U.S-style privacy invasion tort does more than provide civil recourse for people whose intimate images are disseminated without their consent — it also provides new redress for those whose “private lives” are publicized without permission when it “would be highly offensive to a reasonable person and is not of legitimate concern to the public.”

It has long been recognized that a notable difference between international and domestic arbitration is the ability to challenge the resulting award. While both types of awards are open to limited forms of judicial review, only domestic awards can be appealed with respect to the correctness of the decision.

Biosimilars, otherwise known as subsequent entry biologics or “SEBs” in Canada, are a rapidly emerging trend in health care. Biosimilars present novel and intriguing legal issues that are quickly rising to the forefront of legal commentary.

A growing number of Canadian law firms are taking the expertise they’ve developed in public-private partnerships over the past decade south of the border.