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When the crowd roars financially it echoes through halls of justice

You know that crowdfunding of public interest litigation is taking off in Canada when an international chain of hot yoga studios buys in. Moksha and Modo Yoga’s “Speak Your Peace” global fundraiser this year is supporting the grassroots “Pull Together” campaign to raise money for court challenges to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project.

Barely two weeks after she reluctantly resigned, former Barreau du Québec president Lu Chan Khuong has raised the possibility she may attempt to come back and seek another term if her electoral platform is not fulfilled by the new president of the province’s legal society.

Buying properties, giving them a major facelift and re-selling them based on their increased value is a common investment strategy of real estate developers and investors. The value of apartment buildings is dependent on income, so to increase value you need to increase net income.

In May, Alberta ended 40 years of Progressive Conservative government by electing Rachel Notley’s NDP. Since then the price of oil has fallen sharply. Broad-based layoffs in Calgary’s oil and gas sector have started with no sign of abating, and Goldman Sachs, the large U.S. investment firm, predicts a doomsday scenario where oil falls to $20 a barrel.

When people talk about the “art” of negotiation, they’re not kidding. While sitting around a boardroom table trying to hammer out a contract might seem pretty straightforward, that’s rarely the case.