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Supreme Court sets the bar high for liability in application review

Ottawa faces potential civil liability if the federal justice minister reviews Criminal Code applications for mercy in an “irrational,” “bad faith” or “seriously reckless” way, the Supreme Court has held.

The head of the national trial court mandated to hand out new “disruption” warrants that would authorize CSIS law breaking to reduce threats to national security says he would be “surprised” if any of the Federal Court’s judges countenance Charter violations.

From time to time real estate lawyers are asked a question like this: “We’ve had a flood but we’ve fixed it. Do we have to tell the buyer?” Or: “Should I complete a seller property information statement?”

The main purpose of patent protection is to prevent others from interfering with a patentee’s right to fully enjoy the monopoly conferred by the patent, and thereby reward the patentee for developing something new, inventive and useful.

There are few things as disruptive to a company as a top employee walking into the corner office and handing in their resignation. It often catches managers completely off guard and can throw a wrench into major pieces of work, potentially costing the firm business or, worse, clients.