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Supreme Court Métis ruling perceived as ‘game changer’

The Supreme Court’s groundbreaking ruling that Ottawa has constitutional responsibility for the Métis and non-status Indians is expected to bring gains in education, health, social assistance, economic development and self-governance for the victorious plaintiffs, but if the federal government drags its heels on negotiations, it will be sued, lawyers warn.

The Supreme Court’s invalidation of two excessively punitive and overbroad Harper government sentencing initiatives will trigger court action, and ramp up pressure on Parliament to legislate a general “safety valve” enabling judges to impose lesser sentences in cases where mandatory minimum penalties create injustice, lawyers predict.

Slippery walking conditions are familiar to Canadians, but slips and falls also occur on indoor surfaces, with potentially serious consequences. Such falls are a major source of injury and lost-time costs in the workplace. In 2013, there were 11,814 lost-time injury claims from falls in Ontario, and 70 per cent were falls on the same level (including falls resulting from slips and trips, according to Health and Safety Ontario).

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a computer nerd. So when I recently changed offices at my firm, I was determined to truly make it a lawyer’s office of tomorrow — but today. Technologically speaking. 

Looking to take your firm to the next level? Whether you’re practising solo or have a couple of lawyers on board, the advice for growing is the same: network, network, network.