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McLachlin wants to turn page in wake of rocky patch with feds

Despite the barbs aimed at her by the Harper government, Canadaís top Supreme Court judge says she will stay on as chief justice and believes the judiciary isnít cowed by recent political attacks targeting her court.

PI bar warns of fallout if ABS comes

The Canadian Bar Associationís controversial call for regulators to permit law firms to be publicly traded in Canada has won praise from as far away as Scotland, but personal injury lawyers warn small firms would be gobbled up and clientsí choice of counsel reduced with the introduction of such alternate business structures (ABS).

The taxmanís take on condo profits

The condominium market in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton is enjoying a boom, with increases in the number of sales and resales and in average prices. However, the level of activity has attracted the attention of the Canada Revenue Agency.

A risky business made more so

In the 2013 decision of Canada v. Bedford, the Supreme Court of Canada declared that certain provisions of the Criminal Code relating to the communication and engagement of prostitution violated section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Tactic putting lawyers in tough spot

Divorces that end up in the courts can turn into nasty, mud-slinging debacles, especially if thereís disagreement over finances, business assets and the custody of children.