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Supreme Court shuts door on warrantless searches

A person’s home remains his or her castle, the Supreme Court of Canada has reaffirmed in a Charter judgment which reins in warrantless searches, while also deciding that the confessions rule does not apply in Charter voir dires.

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On behalf of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC), I write in response to a Focus opinion piece by Laurelly Dale titled “Looking beyond B.C. tort system: No fault and privatization possible as costs outpace rate increases” in the March 24, 2017, edition of The Lawyers Weekly.

Last month the EU Parliament gave its consent to the conclusion of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, better known as the CETA. Canadian and EU officials are indicating that the CETA will take effect by June of this year.

When the opportunity of a lifetime came knocking for Toronto lawyer Taras Kulish and his family, and he needed to make the ‘Big Ask’ at the firm where he’s an associate, he was thankful he’d spent years nurturing close relationships with colleagues and senior partners.