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Feds’ bill for victims falls short due to scant funding, critics say

The federal government’s “bill of rights” for crime victims has drawn faint praise from victims’ advocates and mild criticism from the defence bar, but both groups appear to agree that Ottawa must put more money where its mouth is.

Monitoring of top officials’ finances will grow at home

The federal government has moved to compel banks and other financial institutions to scrutinize the private financial dealings of Canada’s senior public officials — including Supreme Court of Canada judges — to ensure they do not launder money or finance terrorism.

The art of the acquisition

Companies looking to acquire mineral projects must consider a wide range of crucial commercial, tax and legal issues, including the best way to structure the acquisition. Many factors will shape the choice of what the acquisition structure will be, including how developed the target project is.

Will you be my learned friend?

Judges, like so many others, have been swept up in the tide of social media. Not everyone is thrilled with this development. One Canadian judge has called the Internet a “bi-polar electronic Leviathan” — put him in the “thanks, but no” category. Others focus on the potential benefits, personally and professionally, of having judges who are engaged in their communities.

You’re not a big firm, so don’t act like one

You didn’t need the demise of storied powerhouse Heenan Blaikie to tell you that Canada’s legal landscape has been shifting. 
Fuelled by necessity as big law shrinks, or a desire to buck the demanding corporate culture, lawyers are branching out on their own, establishing small firms or solo operations that now dot the marketplace.