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Daly praises Rothstein’s ability to tackle ‘heavy lifting’ at SCC

Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein says he “struggled” with striking down Canada’s assisted suicide law this year as well as with other “difficult” cases the court confronted during his more than nine years there.

“Help us do our jobs” is the simple plea from the bench to counsel seeking success in courts where judges have too many cases and not enough time.

Accessibility to justice has been a growing concern in the Canadian legal landscape for some time.

Recently, in Bayer Inc. v. Cobalt Pharmaceuticals Co. [2015] F.C.J. No. 555, the Federal Court of Appeal heard an appeal relating to Cobalt’s attempt to gain market entry with its generic version of drospirenone, a birth control tablet distributed in Canada by Bayer under the brand name YAZ.

We often hear an exceptional leader thanking a mentor for their success. It’s sometimes surprising. These people are already successful — why would they need a mentor?